Organizations today actively produce large amounts of data stored in files, on premise solutions, and cloud platforms. Usually, the data is collected and analyzed to control core business activities as well as supporting business processes. For example, factories manage and control capacity resources and inventory stock levels that are utilised to produce products. At the same time, accounting and financial departments manage corresponding data. The entire data set of any business can be analyzed and reflect all aspects of business activities.



Data Analysis - On-click Business Insights

Data analysis efforts may be a costly and time demanding process. When core information systems do not support business unit needs, there is an opportunity to develop and implement standalone automated analysis tools based on existing data sources without challenging existing platforms. Automation enables companies to improve core business process based on filtered insights.

Information Systems - Flexibility vs Quantity

Organization use various approaches to information technology management. Usually, enterprises have centralized IT management that controls most of data/information related processes and platforms. The main challenge of this approach is succeeding to support business needs effectively. Data analysis is one the most common business needs and when not supported properly may cause undesired results. Small and medium business usually have "lighter" IT infrastructure and less development resources to support core business processes.

Process Improvements By Automation

Data analysis automation allows organizations to re-allocate valuable working time to process improvement efforts:

  • Custom developed data model logic according to unique business needs
  • On-click import and collect data from varios sources
  • Data analysis automation solution for a wide variety of business environments
  • Complementary solutions to core information systems
  • Up to 95% of time saving, data reliability and process improvements