Any business operation requires supportive information systems to collect and manage data. Information system can be ERP, CRM, financial data system, marketing management platform and variety of standalone data files and systems. There are although numerous processes that are barely or not supported at all by core information systems therefore driving business processes to find alternative solutions.



Project Hours Reporting System

  • Data collection via online form from anywhere
  • On click data analysis and reports
  • Option to sync customer with project hours status

Projects control based on advanced usage of simple tools

Projects budget and due date control is an important process for project oriented companies. However, some companies manage this data in manual excel files. The same process can be upgraded to a simple yet efficient system for data collection and analysis.


Workers Certifications Management System

  • User friendly data management interface
  • Customized reports and views
  • Follow worker's development cycle
  • Improve worker's satisfaction

From manual tables to customized system

Workers are among most valuable organizational assets, especially in production environment. Numerous courses and certifications are required to during their career and at some point it becomes too complicated to manage it manually. A dedicated system allows managers to better plan and execute workers' certifications route and better support future production plans.



Expenses Reporting Tool

  • Data reporting via web survey
  • Summary reports by various views
  • Automatic emailing to workers and managers

Save time on expenses report

Some SMBs (small medium businesses) have partially implemented ERP that contain only obligatory modules. In such cases, expenses data collection might be uncovered within information systems. A simple tool for data collection and then customized reports allows to bridge the gap.



Application For Production Planning

  • Heuristic algorithm for working plan based on certifications and production constraints
  • Covers a set of dynamic parameters like forecast, routes, durations
  • Gantt view output
  • Save time on manual planning

From complex manual process to automated procedures

Building a work plan for production floor is a complex task. It has to consider multiple constraints and eventually succeed in filling up the demand plan. When prepared manually, it can take hours to align and go between all the various constraints like workers availability and certifications, machines process time, production route flow and more. When modeled into a framework, all above can became an automated process saving hours of manual work.


Data Consolidation Platform

  • Data process definition and characterization
  • Apply ETL logic on required data sources
  • Implement data analysis procedures

Turning data form various sources into information at one place

Most companies operate several data systems, like ERP, CRM, internal services and more. When consolidated insights needed based on data from different systems, and there is dedicated mapped process for that need, analysts dive into hours of manual work. It's worth to consider using data consolidation platform subject to required customization.


Custom made MS Office add-ins

  • Customized development of advanced tools and add-ins for Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Automation add-ons for Excel
  • Maximizing the value of existing tools
  • Process and business performance improvement

It can look different

The span of possibilities in leveraging advanced MS Office features to create customized data processes is amazing. For example, Excel programming can save hundreds of hours and allow focusing on core business processes. Starting with characterization, through development and to successful implementation of customized add-in may be the right solution to bridge the gap.