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Customer Testimonials

HP, Supply Chain Manager: "We have been working a lot with AnyFit on improving our visibility to our ERP data base . AnyFit brings us both the possibility  to diverse ERP complicated data bases  into simple readable excel files and also bring the added value of knowing operational process so that the work they do can have a real added value. Anyfit is a very committed company , they work very fast and professionally and above all are very attentive of their customer. I like very much working with them."

 Agilent Technologies, HR Manager: "Following the success in reporting system development, we have continued to work with AnyFit in other projects."

Food Technologies, Gil Kaduri: "AnyFit has developed a control and communication system for audits. I have received great service both during the initial characterization and implementation of the system. AnyFit provided highly professional attitude."

AREI, Journeys Wholesale Company, Customers Manager: "For years, our officials have worked with a lot of printed price lists and papers. We had to make significant efforts of printed tables comparison in order to provide our customers with suitable prices. We contacted with AnyFit to develop a system that will coordinate all prices data and will integrate them into a "calculator", aloowing to insert dates and additional data and returning final price. This task required deep investigation of data tables and prices logic. Now, having the desired calculator we save much time. In addition, AnyFit always available for help and support, and work hard to promise accurate performance of the developed tool. In conclusion - Service level: 10. Professional level: 10."

CheckLight, Biotech Company, Dr. Nirit Ulitzur, CEO and Founder: "We have hired AnyFit to upgrade an existing Excel module generated for customer data analysis. In spite of its complexity, they managed to basically redesign the module in an elegant and clear manner. Providing excellent work within a short time frame and was a pleasure to work with. We will surely continue to hire their services in the future."

HP, R&D Planning and Control Manager: "I wish to express my appreciation to AnyFit GM and the team, for their strong partnership in building a new Excel tool helping us better manage our R&D commitments. The Anyfit team met our spec in the most professional fashion: On time, on Quality, with a very good dialog between us during the definition and development process. I was really impressed by the smooth process, the high quality delivery, and constructive teamwork approach."

MPC, Maximum Pension Consultation: "As an experienced professional in pension consulting, i have been seeking for a solution to automate some of data analysis efforts. AnyFit has provided me with the expretise in excel and office automation add-ins development, that allows me time saving and improves the ability of data analysis. Highly recommended."

HP, Service Product Life Cycle Leader: “It was privilege for me to work with AnyFit, I didn't have to invest time and efforts to explain what we are looking for, they know the business, providing the outcome on time and in proficiently way. AnyFit team contribute our business monitoring and control aspire and plan.”

Techno-Ad, Rubber Products Supplier, Administrative Manager: "The attitude, the patience, and, in particular, professionalism are great example of customer service quality. I appreciate your contribution and will be glad to recommend your company."

Gestetnertec, Marketing information manager: "We were looking for a company to develop a customized excel program that will fit our needs. We recieved a professional, effective and attentive service. The project was accomplished successfully within the defined timeline. We have no doubt that we found a reliable and professional supplier for long term cooperation."

Gmulim, Pension insurance consulting: "As a manager of pension consulting agency, i had a real difficulty encrypting data files for my CRM system. I would like to recommend AnyFit, that provided me with agile solution, excellent service and professional attitude."

Hi-tech company, Quality manager: "AnyFit Customized Data Solutions developed for our company a KPI system for purchasing and vendors quality control from characterization phase to system's implementation. AnyFit professionals have been very helpful in scope definition and requirements from operational and financial angles, and thier diverse experience added valuable prespectives. The system serves tens of users accross the organization and provides reliable data and visualized information source for continuous improvement and proper planning approach. Recently, the system has been successfully approved by ISO standards. I do highly recommend AnyFit services."

Zaz-Delet, Factory Manager: "AnyFit has developed a cross-functional management system, that supports business processes from sale phase to order delivery phase. The project was implemented professionally resulting in a customized system fitting our exact needs. The system provides us with added values in sales (graphical presentation of customized order features), production control (automatic production plan to the shop floor), inventory management (ERP real-time updates), service (visual forms for order description), customer experience (order details with product sketch) and business control (data analysis from orders data base)."

Live Asia, Vice President of Content & Commerce: "Live Asia is the leading Global platform for Asian TV on digital format with more than 30 Networks providing us over 100 channels for our OTT platform. With each of the providers we have a unique revenue sharing system that varies according to different Geo’s, Channel sold, Type of offering and selling price. Every month we perform many thousands of transactions, creating endless combinations for revenue sharing calculations. As Vice President of Content & Commerce, I looked for a solution that would help me calculate accurately the relative royalties for each provider. On my first meeting with AnyFit staff, I sensed  I have come  to the right place. They had the right combination of experience, knowledge and passion for challenge. What impressed me most along the way was the modest and casual approach to what seemed to be a tough task. Their commitment to the quality of the product was reflected in the patient responses to my different improvement requests after the product was handed over. The product I got was excellent, useful and I would love to continue working with this great company."

Yail Noa Group, Division Manager: "AnyFit provided us with a perfect response, corresponding all project's needs and within competitive budget, resulting in friendly and reliable solution. The work has been done with patience to details and professionalism. AnyFit appears to be one of the most competent companies in their field. Thanks a lot!"

Kfar Yehoshua, Financial Manager: "We have faced a problem that prevented us to proceed. We've got your immediate help. You understood our needs, defined the approach to problem solution

Highcon, Sales Director: "We worked with AnyFit Customized Data Solutions in order to prepare a customer friendly ROI tool for our sales process. From start to finish AnyFit really understood our needs and supported the process beyond pure data solutions, they really understood what we were trying to achieve and could understand it from an end user point of view. After the initial project briefing session we had several rounds of fine tuning, keep in mind that everything was handled remotely by AnyFit as our sales team are scattered around Europe. Like all good customers we changed our minds and therefore the project scope through the process, this is the reality of a learn as you go process, but this didn't phase AnyFit at all, each time they found new solutions to our challenges and each time within 24hrs, that one strong aspect that we liked, rapid development. The final result is a really nice tool that is easy to train sales people on and we even send it directly to customers so that they can carry out level one of the opportunity assessment.  I can really recommend working with AnyFit for your business data solutions as you'll find them a dynamic provider of real customer solutions."

Advertising and marketing global internet company, General Manager: "As a manager of internet based company, i have to deal with great amounts of data. I have been looking for a data analysis solution to get operational and financial implications on our performance. AnyFit professionals have understood my needs and promptly provided me with a customized BI tool that gives me the desired reports and saves my time. Great value customized!"