SharePoint Online allows organisation to manage, maintain and develop their organisational information processes in cloud. How to support organisational growth with appropriate data management solution? Implementation of SharePoint platform provides availability, accessibility, better management of information processes. 

SharePoint is a platform that allows various solutions to diverse organisational needs. SharePoint implementation should be customized to any particular organisation according to its needs and unique business processes. SharePoint allows agile development techniques helping lean IT management. For instance, there is no need in programming in order to create simple web page for your team or project. Moreover, file storage and versions management improve data reliability. In fact, SharePoint provides a simple solutions for various needs that prior to SharePoint have required professional services support.

SharePoint refers to several products:

  • SharePoint Foundation
  • SharePoint Server 
  • SharePoint Online

Utilizing SharePoint capabilities allows better way to manage business data processes and eventually improve the core organisational performances.

SharePoint Features

SharePoint Sites allows a simple way to create web pages without need in coding. The contents are editable, secure and sharing features are available.

SharePoint Communities allows built-in intuitive sharing functionality. For example, users can edits documents in parallel, share their calendars and tasks with their teammates.

SharePoint Contents is designed to store organisational data (documents, presentations, videos etc.). Sharing management allows strict control of users permissions.

SharePoint Search allows multi directional search and supports permissions definitions, so only shared search results will be presented to user.

SharePoint Insights offers a new approach to visually present information from various sources in summary dashboard, diagrams, charts and other insights. This powerful tools provides a way to better connect diverse data and extract a better understanding of its meaning.

SharePoint Composites allows developing customized solution with SharePoint Designer tools. For example, connect to several databases and show the data visually.

Apps For SharePoint

Applications store for SharePoint online and Office 365 offers various apps that may be suitable with business needs.