Microsoft Power BI solution enables seamless integration to data platforms like SalesForce, Google Analytics, Marketo, MailChimp and more. This, of course, in addition to the connection to generic data sources like SQL Server, Excel, Access and other. Advanced usage suggests rich API to develop virtually any custom requirement.

BI With Excel - Not Only For SMB

MS Excel serves wide layers of business users across most of corporate companies. Thanks to its flexibility and accessibility, users use it for maintaining simple data processes as well as complex systems developed for specific purpose. The natural connection between Excel and Power BI invites business users to leverage both worlds to create business intelligence insights based on excel data. 

Solid SQL Server with Power BI and Excel

Microsoft flagship database system, SQL Server, suits the ecosystem with Excel and Power BI cooperation on data analysis. The SQL Server scales for big data and can easily support SMBs needs in data storage for internal business applications. The process of managing excel model that writes to SQL Server and then combines data to insights in Power BI can appear a solid solution solution for mid range data management needs.

Power BI with Excel and SQL Server

  • Leveraging platforms flexibility for specific needs
  • SQL server stability for sensitive processes
  • Process improvement through data insights

Self Service BI Combination

Power BI delivers all of the required components for developing an outstanding self service BI solution. Thanks to its native connectivity with widespread tools like excel and SQL Server, it is more affordable than ever to develop a custom BI solution.