Business intelligence platforms allow measured data driven decision making. There are generic and niche solutions for various domains. Power BI is a generic platform by Microsoft that allow rich set of integrated connectivity to tens of most popular products like SalesForce, Dynamics, Excel, and many more. Power BI allows intuitive approach for self service BI with advanced sharing and accessibility features. It is available as desktop, web and mobile versions, and supports advanced API access.

Connected To Business Anywhere

Power BI intuitive dashboards building and usage allow analysts to create valuable insights from different data sources. Managers can access dashboards anywhere from their mobile phones and extract real time reporting insights to improve business performance.


Power BI Solution

  • Data environment and sources analysis
  • KPI characterization and logical layer design
  • Reports design and sharing settings

All Insights At One Place

Implementation of Power BI solution brings the important consistency in business data analysis. Various data sources are consolidated subject to aligned business logic to create a holistic view of selected or all business aspects. Data driven insights when accessible any time enable better performance control and competitive advantage.








Connection To Data Sources

  • Power BI connects to numerous data platforms including SQL Server and Excel
  • Power BI API allows a deep level of complex integrations
  • Mobile access enables better time to insights

Flexible To Support Existing Tools

Power BI is very flexible for self service BI needs and allows companies to utilize existing data systems when implementing Power BI solution. For example, integration to SQL Server, SalesForce, Google Analytics or Excel models will allow organizations to maintain existing processes while taking advantage on getting insights from all data sources at single place, Power BI.