Power BI suggests is an advanced platform for smart data analysis and reporting for a variety of business environments. The connectivity to various data systems, built-in queries editor and API allow even more powerful data integration to provide valuable insights. The opportunity to share and access real time reporting dashboards makes Power BI an ultimate BI solution for any company.

Customized Dashboards In Real Time

A rich set of visualization components, data connectivity and web/mobile accessibility in Power BI allow deep and wide business performance assessment for users at predefined access levels. Creating a real time insights view for decision makers, e.g. reporting dashboards, was never more intuitive and user friendly.



Dashboard For Any Domain

  • Finances - collecting data from ERP, accounting and excel models, and building financial dashboard
  • Operations - controlling inventory levels, shipments and customer support
  • Marketing - budgets and performance analysis dashboards
  • All other possible measurable business aspects can be featured for BI dashboards

Measure Success Through Success In Measuring

Any business process requires a measurable indicators to assess tactic and strategic contribution to profitability. In order to implement a proper BI dashboards solution, there is a need to define process KPIs and the data logic for their measurement. Process improvement, when based on KPIs, allows better business performance.


Dashboard Design - Connect, Drag And Share

Power Bi is an advanced business intelligence platforms that fits corporate BI solutions and self service BI mid size solutions. Building BI solution is usually a complex task as it requires integrating data from various sources and applying logic to extracting insights. BI implementation will require:

  • Data sources and KPIs definition
  • Design for data connections and business logic
  • Creating reports and dashboards
  • Sharing and access levels