Office 365 productivity suite offers to organizations and private users a complete office experience on cloud. The well-known office user interface, the security, and the accessibility make Office 365 a very attractive platform for collaboration.

Among Office 365 advantages are:

  • Advanced sharing options
  • Familiar interface
  • State of art security
  • High standards of availability
  • Embed option for Office 365 applications
  • Internet collaboration

Business processes are better supported based on internet technologies productivity suite that enables access to excel files, presentations, calendar and many more form everywhere and virtually from any device.

Stay Connected to Business Data Everywhere

Business world today requires 24/7 availability and is heavily based on data.

How Office 365 supports business needs? Here is a typical business case:

  • A company operates field sales staff for promotion of multiple products
  • Sales professionals use pricing catalog based on excel file
  • The company considers Office 365 and SharePoint online implementation
  • Office 365 will enable field agents always to connect to one version online pricing catalog in Excel 365
  • The data will be accurate and real-time
  • IT costs are easier to plan

It is clear that having a pricing catalog in an online excel version will improve the process of field agents promotion work. Moreover, it will improve the collaboration between the field and the headquarters sales administrators and align the baseline. The ability to access data file from anywhere and from any device makes Office 365 even more attractive. No more emails with file versions, endless correspondence and mis-pricing issues.