Excel models on Web and SharePoint open a wide range of new opportunities for businesses and users. Fast growth of internet technologies influenced also core Office applications:

  • Office 365:
    • Building calculations models on Excel Online and sharing online
    • Scripting automation is still a question
  • Web:
    • Embedding Office 365 online applications within websites
    • Using Excel as back-office calculators
    • Import and data from internet

Office Online - Calculate and Share

Connectivity and integration of Office 365 productivity suite components allow easy and secure sharing of Excel models online, collaborating with colleagues and present insights on websites.

Simple flow of work:

  • Build Excel calculations model
  • Upload to cloud (OneDrive, Office365)
  • Embed on website page (iframe)

We can share excel model, presentations, word documents and more.

Following example illustrates the usage of Excel Web App simple model for Website users. It allows to get an idea of green transportation benefits: