Office 365 and SharePoint online offer new set of features to enable online collaboration and accessibility for business and private users. Data collection has always been a fundamental component of information management. One of the most popular ways to collect data from respondents is through forms. Before Office 365, Microsoft InfoPath product provided the technology and the interfaces to collect data via forms. Now InfoPath is retired, and Excel Online Surveys allow an intuitive and efficient way to collect data online.

Online Forms - Easy Data Collection

There are several options to collect data through forms via Office 365 or SharePoint Online:

  • Excel Surveys in Office 365
    • Simple and efficient way to collect data from multiple respondents
  • SharePoint Online Forms
    • Based on SharePoint lists
  • MS Access and SharePoint
    • Based on Access Forms and their integration in SharePoint flow

Excel Survey - Example;

Creating online survey through Excel Online is easy and free of additional charges. Open a new Excel online file on OneDrive:

Select Survey and add required fields:


When ready with the layout and field definitions, share online via email or embed on website. The collected data will be stored in Excel Online file on OneDrive and data analysis can be performed any time.

Surveys use cases samples

Online surveys can answer various needs. For example:

  •  Integrating forms for hours reporting system
    • Employees access the form via internet link
    • They select date, project, hours and other details
    • The data is collected in database tab and allows further analysis by various views
  • Using forms for collection of required inventory
    • Select items/part numbers category
    • Select the item
    • Fill in desired delivery data
    • The collected data allows measuring buyers and suppliers
  • Customers satisfaction survey
  • Product research

To conclude, utilizing online surveys allows effective data collection and improves data and information processes.