Data Analysis  With On-Click Automation

Tons of hours are consumed on data analysis at numerous organizations. Business analysts, logistics and purchasing specialists, research and development engineers, accountants, marketing professionals and many more spend significant time on manual data analysis. Estimations suggest that about 10% of working time is spent on data analysis by "lite" user. "Heavy" users can reach even 40%-50% of their time crunching data. Significant portion of ad-hock data analysis is done in Excel. The powerful Excel features are not always utilized efficiently, and therefore the result is time spend, vulnerability to data accuracy and repetitiveness.


Data mining and analysis efforts might reach great deal of invested working time. The solution is data analysis automation, that can be developed in Excel using advanced functionality and features. The benefits of data analysis automation are clear:

  • Save time
  • Improve efficiency
  • Focus on information meaning, improve the core processes

The Solution Is Under The Fingerprint

Surprisingly, data analysis automation solution can be efficiently delivered in excel. Compared to other alternatives, excel solution most probably will have better ROI and more flexibility for users. Excel professionals with diversified experience will develop customized automation solution for data analysis in excel, that will allow business users to get results according to tailored logic. On-click procedures will enable not only agile data analysis, but also opportunity to send multiple emails, build presentations, created word and pdf documents, create excel files and many more automated features.

Example - From Manual to Automatic Process

Following examples illustrates the delta between manual and automatic data analysis process. Suppose the need is to analyze ERP inventory report and provide status per part number. The manual procedures include following activities in excel:

  1. Sort part numbers by inventory location
  2. Erase obsolete rows based on manually managed exceptions lists
  3. Add seven data calculation columns
  4. Copy numbers to charts data tables
  5. Update charts data range
  6. Create and format PowerPoint presentation, copy-paste chart from Excel
  7. Copy emails list, attach presentation and send it via Outlook

Summary for MANUAL process: 3 hours per week, 3 Office applications operation (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

Automation solution in excel will contain import, calculation logic and outputs characterization, model development and GUI design:

  1. Translation of manual procedures to automatic on-click process based on VBA
  2. Import ERP data file and run automatic calculations
  3. Build summary tables and updated charts
  4. Build presentation and send it to correspondents list

Summary if AUTOMATIC process: 5 minutes per week, operating Excel only

Added-value: save 12 hours per month, 144 hours per year, 97% improvement in process efficiency

ROI: 1 month