MS Office PowerPoint prevail as a presentation tool. It has become an organizational standard for reports, summaries and ideas visualization media for meetings, conferences and other human interactions. Building PowerPoint presentations, especially reports summaries, can be automated by customized add-in to data source. 

PowerPoint presentations are populated periodically based on Excel charts and tables. Building the presentations is time consuming repeated process. Instead, programming automation enables presentation ready after several seconds of automatic "button click" procedures.

Build Automatic Presentations Process

First, let's see what steps does the manual process for presentation building usually contain:

1) Choosing chart, copying it in Excel

2) Activating PowerPoint, pasting the chart and arranging its location

3) Arranging chart's size, location

4) Adding comments shape

5) Moving back to Excel for next chart/table - and again from the beginning 14 times more to go

Summary For Manual Process: highly repeated manual work, 15-20 minutes average

 Automation process is on-click scripts running:

1) Choosing all required charts 

2) Activating automatic procedure button

3) Charts and tables are arranged in defined location and size

Summary For Automated Process: 2 minutes of on-click automatic flow