Global production company develops, produces and sells complex machines. The company rigorously manages inventory levels through the entire supply chain due to financial constraints. The challenge is to get the entire inventory picture from assembly part to sold machines shipment. The following example shows how to business intelligence in Power BI can help managers to better control shipments inventory levels.

The challenge: create financial status for world wide shipments and enable managers to make decisions in real time

The solution: collection of shipments data from several multi-user excel models to SQL Server from all company locations, connecting to ERP data and consolidating business data logic in Power BI. Designing reports and dashboards and sharing the solution to allow mobile access.

Project implementation milestones:

1) Starting with high level characterization of required outcome and results, deriving corresponding KPIs and their calculation logic and defining available data sources
2) Defining reports and dashboards
3) Detailed analysis of data sources and models to create a consolidated business view
4) Creating the data flow to SQL Server
5) Connecting data sources to Power BI
6) Implementing custom data calculation logic  and building dashboards
7) Sharing dashboards

Customized BI solution deals with with specific data environment including complex logic to derive the KPIs results. Power BI allows to combine all data sources into a consolidated view that is easily shared with business users across the organization, enabling them to make data driven decisions based on predefined indicators.


bi sample


Self Service BI - Summary

Business intelligence is an important component of business continuity and competitiveness. Any organization today can implement an affordable solution that addresses the unique processes and needs in data ecosystem. Power BI suggests a wide range of features and makes it easier than ever to create, manage and share valuable insights of business performance indicators.